I am interested in block theory of finite groups and functorial methods in representation theory. More precisely I have done research on:

  • Fusion systems of blocks
  • Equivalences between blocks
  • Fibered biset functors
  • p-permutation functors

List of Publications

  • The fibered p-biset functor structure of the fibred Burnside rings, Algebras and Representation Theory, 22 (2019), 21-41 (with Olcay Coşkun). arXiv: 1712.03460
  • Fusion systems of blocks of finite groups over arbitrary fields, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 305(1) (2020), 29-41 (with Robert Boltje and Çisil Karagüzel). arXiv: 1909.06666
  • Diagonal p-permutation functors, Journal of Algebra, 556 (2020), 1036-1056 (with Serge Bouc). arXiv: 1907.12877
  • The A-fibered Burnside ring as A-fibered biset functor in characteristic zero, Algebras and Representation Theory, 24(5) (2021), 1359-1385 (with Robert Boltje). arXiv: 1909.06668
  • Galois descent of equivalences between blocks of p-nilpotent groups, to appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (with Robert Boltje). arXiv: 2102.13149
  • Diagonal p-permutation functors, semisimplicity, and functorial equivalence of blocks, submitted (with Serge Bouc). arXiv: 2201.12645
  • Functorial equivalence classes of blocks with cyclic and Klein four defect groups, in preparation (with Serge Bouc).

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